GP Triple 8 P~Swiss Helmet at Indiegogo

GP Triple 8 P~Swiss Helmet at Indiegogo

We have started a campaign on Indiegogo to help us fund the project. Indiegogo is a Crowdfunding platform where you contribute to our project. But its not just giving money away, with the help of our sponsors we have set a whole variety of “Perks” for your contribution, one of those Perks is the “Greener Pastures Triple 8 P~Swiss Helmet”

This is the perk:


$80 USD

  • Triple 8 Dual-Certified Patrick Switzer Pro model helmet
  • TWO GP t-shirts
  • Full set of GP postcards
  • GP + Sponsor sticker pack
  • A link to the first episode one week before public release, September 3.

(Specify t-shirt size + style) (Domestic shipping included, Please add $30 for international shipping)

P.S. Shipping a helmet is very expensive!


Click here to go to Indiegogo and purchase this Perk!


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Greener Pastures looks to communicate this extraordinary new and vibrant identity representing all companies together, presented in an unbiased fashion. It is this type of unity that will allow for an uninhibited cooperation between riders. It is this sense of community and cooperation that is at the heart of the contemporary longboarding identity.

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