Dandoy Tongco will Represent the Philippines for Greener Pastures: Offshore

Dandoy Tongco will Represent the Philippines for Greener Pastures: Offshore

January 30, 2013: DC athlete, Free Energy Coop advocate, Loaded Ambassador, Joint Outdoor Skate Shop rider and My Life On Board downhill skate ambassador Dandoy Tongco will be representing the Philippines for the upcoming Greener Pastures: Offshore which will start filming in soon. After years of hard work, dedication and determination to make Dandoy’s dream come true, finally, he was granted a visa for this epic trip.

Everything worked well, we are now preparing all the necessary things for Dandoy’s trip,” says Dino Gilladoga, Brand Manager for DC Shoes Philippines.

“Congratulations to all of us. This is one big leap for the Philippine Longboarding Scene to be known as Dandoy represent our country. Everyone helped out to make this possible,” says Jukka Holopainen of Free Energy Coop., Dandoy’s long time supporter.

In 2011, Dandoy Tongco tried to apply for a visa to compete for an IGSA race in Maryhill Festival of Speed. He was denied to have a visa back then. In 2012, Everyone was hoping for Dandoy to represent the Philippines for the Newtons Nation race in Australia, but then again he was not granted a visa for the race. Dandoy’s team and supporters never gave up on helping Dandoy achieve his dream in showcasing his talent to the world. Even Patrick Switzer, 2011 IGSA World Cup Series Champion, 2010-2012 Canadian Champion, and one of the main producers of Greener Pastures believed in his talent.

Now, Dandoy’s dream has been fulfilled. He was recently granted a visa for Spain with the support of DC Philippines, Free Energy Coop. and My Life on board to film the most awaited skate film ever produced, Greener Pastures: Offshore.

“He deserves this opportunity, and will be a great ambassador for the amazing Filipino longboard community. Thanks to DC Shoes and his friends for supporting his efforts to make this possible!” – Patrick Switzer

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