Ethan Cochard and Camilo Céspedes landed on Longboarding Paradise

Ethan Cochard and Camilo Céspedes landed on Longboarding Paradise

Ethan Cochard and Camilo Céspedes landed on Longboarding Paradise

After 4 days of flying around, you get pretty sick of sitting in an uncomfortable seat for hours on end. Thankfully, Camilo and I reached our final destination and quickly made our way towards the exit. What was waiting beyond the door was a completely unknown land to me. Especially since the old couple sitting next to me was hogging the tiny window.

Pic by: Camilo Céspedes

Pic by: Camilo Céspedes

We step outside, confusingly look around, not sure what we were supposed to do. Off yonder through the crowd, Patrick’s freakish height and Max’s famous Mohawk made them easy to spot. A few hugs and hellos later, we load in the van and make our way to our first spot: the local supermarket.

We only needed to get a few supplies but of course needed to have a fight with the selection of sausages that were laid in front of us. Our obvious foreigness made us the favorite subjects of the security guards watchful eyes.

We finally grabbed what we needed, but felt as if something was missing. Camilo, Max, Levi and I head to the local dollar store with he mission to purchase something ridiculous and/or useful. Four kimonos, 2 hats, 1 belt and a “tassel” later, we walk away happy campers.


We finally head to our headquarters after convincing several people that we were silly tourists.

The place we’re staying is cozy and is going to look like hell after just a few days of skaters staying in it. And yet we are still expecting more…

Our lodging is rather luxurious compared to another skate trips I’ve been on. We have all the necessities here: beds, shower, electricity and a mini ramp. It seems like our stay


After a long day of meeting everyone and getting settled, we enjoy a few brews and Tamara’s amazing cooking. The Kimono Brotherhood sealed the deal with a shotgun celebration.


Its already getting late and being jet lagged doesn’t help. Tomorrow we rendezvous with everyone and figure out the game plan.

I think.

Ethan C.






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