Levi Green and the Kimono crew – Skating Greener Pastures

Levi Green and the Kimono crew – Skating Greener Pastures

Day 3 for the trip, or really day 2 of everyone being together, kicked off with a quick cruise to the beach for “1” spotting and a little morning spew by yours truely (breakfast didn’t settle all too well for me). After some clean up we headed over to a mellow local session spot that is closed to traffic to meet up with the local crew and get the feel of skating with each other all at once. Things were going well until I decided to attempt flight on a toe side check with freshies… 10 feet later I tweaked my back and had to sit the rest of the day out.

With the rest of my day now devoted to lurking, I had the perfect view of everyone’s unique style they were bringing into the project. So much technical tom-foolery that my brain couldn’t quite register what my eyes were seeing! Dandoy, Axel, Bruno, and Camilo were killing it with some freestyle while Kody and Max brought on the double kick shredding. Vibes were picking up as everyone fed of of each other and stepped up their game to match the new tricks being dropped that took a few guys down. Overall, it was a good session on the mellow hill.

Eventually everyone moved on to the winding pathway that ran parallel to shred until the sun decided to part ways. Hitting the beach for ice cream and the last of the sunset wrapped up our first full day of skating with each other leaving smiles across the board and amped moods for tomorrow’s session plans! All in all a great feeler day for the trip as a whole!

PS: Kimono crew 4lyfe!!!

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