Fourth day in the Island by Kody Noble

Fourth day in the Island by Kody Noble

Fourth day in the Island by Kody Noble

Today was another good day of island life. Day one of small group filming for me, we woke up at sunrise with a group that all love life, and skateboarding.


The old town we skated was beautiful. The hills go forever… One gnarly really tight run had houses close to the road, gnarly steep corners with good pavement. Old woman were sitting on their porches by the road and people going about their day. It was one of those road situations you’ve always wanted to skate.


We had spotters at street spots and on corners, though we still a couple close calls. Nothing major. Great potential good and bad with steep, narrow spots


Cobblestone, ledges, group runs, quad runs with everyone landing the trick. A mix of different styles on the same feature.

Bruno did a tweaked early grab off a massive ledge, snapped his board, then made it again with the broken board.



After some flat-ground by a church I found a big angled ledge and worked on landing a 50-50 which took me about a hundred tries. Everyone waited patiently till I got it.

Everyone can skate everything. It’s great to watch each other’s styles. Everyone is so good and comfortable on their skateboards, even when we’re goofing around the riding is still all really skilled and impressive.


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