Axel Serrat shares the 5th day shooting Greener Pastures Offshore

Axel Serrat shares the 5th day shooting Greener Pastures Offshore

Day 5 GP

Today was a good day. Some of us went to a filming session, and the rest decided to stay at the camp and chill. We had some fun on a road close to the camp, and we also skated the mini. It is great people are getting used to the mini and they are actually landing some crazy tricks. It was great!



We also had a meeting with the locals, they wanted to talk with us, because of some small issues. We had to understand what’s the reality on the islands. I think that when you go to a new place you have to get used to the reality, and respect the locals, because you are their visitors. They were worried about that, but after talking with them, we understand we are all part of the same family. We don’t care about money or business, we are respectful and we care about longboarding.


Was a good day, and specially we had and epiphany!


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