Dandoy – 6th day Offshore

Dandoy – 6th day Offshore

Day 6th

Dandoy shares the 6th day of filming Greener Pastures in English and Visayan!Longboarding-greener-pastures-Yvon-Labarthe_04

We woke up early in the morning, ate our breakfast, got ready and packed up our things to head to the north side of the island. When we arrived and everyone was ready, we made a few runs.


After the few runs, a park ranger informed us to move on and look into getting a permit to skate the hill legally. We went back to the city to buy food at the supermarket for lunch, as others went to speak to the council about getting a permit. The road was worth it to get the permit!


After a temporary acceptance to go back to the road, right away we met the local shredders of the hills. Riders got ready and started to film.

Everybody’s wheels were burning, the hills here have such gnarly steep roads. It’s good to see some different kinds of most talented skaters in the world. We shredded until it got dark. We did a lot today, and  it was a productive day!!


Permiro pako  nka suway ug skate nga ingun ato ka nindot nga karsada sa akong tibuok kinabuhe aning  skating, wla mi ingun ani nga klasing karsada sa pilipinas. Dri rako naka  suway ug skate nga ang osa ka  set nga ligid para sa  osa ka adlaw, usahay Kuwangon pa. Klasi-klasing rider ang akong nahimamat aning  lakawa, kaning lakawa nakahatag kanako ug  maayong hinungdan. Bug-at ang akong pag pasalamat sa akong mga higala, pamilya ug nag suporta nako para Mahitabu kining lakawa. Salamat ninyung tanan!



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