Bruno Sirera on Greener Pastures 7th day

Bruno Sirera on Greener Pastures 7th day

Day 7

Today was a long day. The DH crew left early while the rest of us rested. My boards finally arrived! Everybody was ready to skate, we got in the van and left for the hills.


We were eight people and one dog, inside a 5 seat van. It was a long and fun ride. We  finally got to the hill, and saw this crazy kid, who tried to kill kevin some weeks earlier. Martin tried speaking with him, but the crazy kid already called the police, and was holding a knife? We still skated the hill, for 3 minutes.


The cops were waiting in the middle of a sweeper. They told us we were gonna get arrested, but after some long conversation they let us go.


They also didn’t notice we were 8 people, and 5seats. We then went to the city, skated, took some photos and had lunch. We drove to another long hill, and had fun skating down.  We went back to the camp, had dinner and went to sleep. I’m tired





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