Ultra detailed booty clapping in super slowmo and other things by Ethan Cochard

Ultra detailed booty clapping in super slowmo and other things by Ethan Cochard

Ultra detailed booty clapping in super slowmo and other things by Ethan Cochard

After much anticipation Dandoy, Camilo and I finally got a mini-group day to go enjoy a magical hill far north; a land called Griffindor.

We arrive on a road overlooking the destination from the day. We were told that the location was straight out of the “road porn” photos that circulate all of our facebooks. And it was.

Back to back hairpin turns overlooking an epic ocean scene would have made for an awe inspiring run if it wasn’t for the fact that you couldn’t take your eyes off of the fast approaching corner. The pavement was smooth like every road here and with a crack or two to spice things up. Being only a lane and a half wide made spotting a necessity, but thanks to Tamara’s ear piercing whistle, we rode relatively safe all day.


After a few practice runs, we finally got used to the monster we were skating. I happily sacrificed my well being for the group by being Max for the day. In other words, I fell a lot.

Before we knew it we were skating on wet and slippery pavement thanks to the ninja like rain that blanketed us. Lessons learned: everything thanes here even if its wet, and Yvon has quick reaction.

We decided to take a chill pill from work and captured some slow mo jumping shots and ultra detailed booty clapping. We waved at all the cars passing by, only receiving one ugly face and middle finger all day, which is an pretty good score.


We realized that we dont have a choice in waiting out the rain, so we skated anyways making sure to do lots or kooky stuff like putting hands on the ground on purpose.

We had a solid 4 hour session which included much goofiness and unnecessary slow mo. We called it a solid day and drove our way back home, with only scrapes from the cuddly Vicious Grip tape we all love as our battle scars from the day.

Martin then made us some delicious lentil soup and then we had our group meeting and now I’m sitting here writing this. And yeah, that was day 10.


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