Wheelbase Review: Loaded “Chubby Unicorn”

Loaded’s Chubby Unicorn is constructed with a lime-wood core sandwiched between triaxial fiberglass and covered with high-performance polyethylene. This board is symmetrical in shape featuring 4 ¾ “ nose and tail, a width of 9 ¾”, a total length of 42 ¼”, and a singular wheelbase of 28 ¼”. This board features a slight rocker, recessed truck mounting, flared wheel-wells, w-concave, urethane sidewalls, and grab rails underneath.

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The Testing:

In order to test the Chubby we set it up with both Paris 50s & Caliber 44s, some yellow Orangatang Stumulus, and then we hit a wide range of local hills around the greater Los Angeles area.



The Chubby Unicorn has all the bells and whistles. We enjoyed the stable ride provided by the recessed truck mounting. We also appreciated the added board-feel provided by the w-concave as well as its mellow concave throughout. Another thing we liked about this board was the added carving clearance provided by the ample wheelwells and accompanying flares. Lastly, the urethane bumpers and polyethylene covering combine to create what we believe to be one of, if not the, strongest most durable downhill boards on the market.


Along with all of the bells and whistles of this downhill deck there also comes with it a considerable price tag. For someone on a tight budget this board may not be the best option.


That said, The Chubby Unicorn is a one of a kind downhill deck in both construction and feel. Its technical features are many, riding it is super fun, and it’s strength is undeniable. As stated above, this board is in the upper range of pricing for a downhill skateboard, and that may be a turn-off to some skaters, but for the skater looking for a downhill deck with myriad technical features that combine to create one of the most sturdy and unique rides on the market, then this board is a most definitely a solid option.

If you have any further questions hit us up at Wheelbasemag.com via our Contact Us drop-down tab, or visit Loadedboards.comFrom all of us here at Wheelbase, we’d like to thank you for viewing this Wheelbase Product Review for the Loaded “Chubby Unicorn”

Source: Wheelbase Magazine



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