Zeeuan by Kody Noble

Zeeuan by Kody Noble

Day 14 by Kody Noble

Need more wax to board slide.
It was a good day.

This whole conversation needs to be in Z-1

We woke up Zeeuan when the sun was not up.
Zeeuan We were tired and I think we were tired cause we skated lots and woke up earlier the day before.


We went to an awesome road to get footage. The place had a special landscape with lots of water tubes. Something you can’t see in your house Zeeuan. After we went to ride some streets and make crazy tricks by the sea.
Everyone had time to find their lines. Yvon and Alberto were working really hard and good under the sun. A lot of pushing, you can’t imagine.

Zeeuan, Zeeuan, Zeeuan…


Kody had a bath in the sea. Axel couldn’t find wax at the store so bought soap and cleaned the spots. They smell great now. The cops didn’t like the scent to kicked us out.

Kody dried off skating in his underwear. Yvon says Bruno rode like a bitch today with 100a wheels.

Yvon might have deleted all the footage… Zeeuan footage. Recovering files now…

Yvon yells to Max, “You crashed my camera today. You should know when Max is on the road, don’t have my camera on the road” (with a French not understandable accent).


In the next spot Kody worked on a line for an hour and a half. He didn’t land it until Bruno drew a 7ft penis in the road with soap. As soon as the penis was complete he landed the trick… In Bruno’s penis.

Axel believes it was a scaled drawing of his own.

Sunset shots by the ocean finished the day making good use of the octo-copter.



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