Spain Trippin’ – Episode 3 Barcelona to Madrid

Spain Trippin’ – Episode 3 Barcelona to Madrid

After filming Greener Pastures, Loaded Ambassadors Ethan Cochard, Camilo Cespedes, Alberto Alepuz and Orangatang Ambassador Bruno Sirera, and went on a skatecation around Spain to some of their favorite spots.

After Ethan flew out like a chicken, Camilo, Bruno and Alberto take to the wet streets of Barcelona, skating everything in their path. Despite the lovely weather, the trio moves on to Madrid where they meet up with fellow ripper, Toti. Steezy silliness with a straight face their journey comes to an end, but will always live on through some Spain Trippin’.

Film/Edit: PerroPro

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Greener Pastures looks to communicate this extraordinary new and vibrant identity representing all companies together, presented in an unbiased fashion. It is this type of unity that will allow for an uninhibited cooperation between riders. It is this sense of community and cooperation that is at the heart of the contemporary longboarding identity.

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