Zolton The Guitar Featured in Greener Pastures The Island

Zolton The Guitar Featured in Greener Pastures The Island

As you may know already, we decided to crowd source the music for Greener Pastures Offshore, we received dozens of mails from very Talented independent musicians, Yvon Labarthe and Alberto Alepuz (Perropro) selected  the songs that fit our project and here’s the result has been very rewarding.


Known as simply “The Guitar” for some time, Alex Mak has an innate ability to write a seemingly endless number of riffs on the spot, making him the go to session guitarist for many of Toronto’s independent music producers.

Soon to become Zolton The Guitar, he began playing other instruments and experimenting with full blown score production.  Realizing that popular music was lacking the human element it once embodied, Zolton became obsessed with playing as many parts of a song as possible.


Living and working in Toronto, Ontario, as a full time music producer and score composer, Zolton spends his time producing for local singer/songwriters and composing for independent films.  His sound can be defined by a combination of modern day production techniques with the performance methods of the analog age.

Zolton continues to collaborate with long time production partners The Showboiz to infuse a hard southern trap rhythm into a cinematic soundscape.  Some of the results can be heard here at: https://soundcloud.com/the-guitar/sets/greener-pastures

Twitter: @zoltontheguitar
Instagram: @zoltontheguitar
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/the-guitar

“See The Sky” is the song we used for Greener Pastures Episode 1 “The Island”

If you haven’t seen “The Island” here’s again!

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