EspañaExtraña Longboard Adventure by Perropro

EspañaExtraña Longboard Adventure by Perropro

EspañaExtraña is a reminder of how talented our friend Alberto Alepuz (Perropro) is, joined by Bruno Sirera and Toti Bicicleta they show us how diverse and beautiful Spain is, I guess we could use the same adjectives to describe the video itself and the skating. So much freedom… so much joy.




Bruno&Toti are back on this unique adventure in the Spanish land.

This is not like other adventures, is not a skateboard or longboard video, is and adventure through skating, discovering some of the most rare and unknown places in our country, proving that you

don´t have to travel to the other side of earth to be amazed by new landscapes. From downhill skateboarding to dessert skating, a skateboard is more than just a freestyle tool, it has become a cinematographic tool and and key to the adventure.


We hope people get stoked about finding those remote places next to their house in company of some good friends and their skateboards.

This project was founded with the help of many skaters, skateboard companies, shops and websites and we are extremely happy and thankful to get the support and love from all this people to do what we love the most.




Perropro is about to make you feel really jealous, grab a snack, sit an relax, this is going to be awesome!


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