3heads is a Czech based creative collective made up by Vít Hašek, Tomáš Kraus, Tomáš Pořízek, Dan Pék and Ondřej Homolka along with a team of skilled filmmakers and graphic designers who has a more than 6 years experience of making films focused mainly on sport, music or just for fun.

Tomáš Kraus – engineer / camera / editor

Ondřej Homolka – script

Tomáš Pořízek – production

Daniel Pék – octocopter / helicam pilot

George Pinkava – visual effects

Martin Kaňůrek – crane / octocoptercam operator

Vít Hašek – camera / editor / director

3Heads Bitsch-2

 Vitek Hasek on Greener Pastures Switzerland

To not start using speed! We changed about 10 locations in 3 weeks (where Kozakov was 6 days of it) so you can imagine we really didn’t have much time to sleep and I haven’t even considered time to eat at all. As a film-maker you have to be on location (which you never saw before in this case) before the riders arrive and of course you will be the last one to leave after you pack all the equipment.

Second biggest challenge I would say was the size of the group. It was very hard to keep filming flow fluent with no long breaks when you have to direct a group of 9 riders so nobody gets bored too soon and motivation stays high for the entire 3 weeks. Fortunately Partick and Ramon helped with this and also Yvon by setting up all timelapse and cablecam shots.


3Heads crew in action

Contact 3Heads:

Vít Hašek
+420 736 162 091
Tomáš Pořízek
+420 774 832 900


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