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Greener Pastures “Offshore“
Executive Producer Patrick Switzer


Greener Pastures is happening again, this time with a new crew, and a new location. The ideals of the project remain, with lessons learned. We’re running away from winter to a skate paradise!

Our location is novel, exotic and ideal for skateboarding. Our crew will be utilizing Canon 7D & 5D Mark iii DSLR‘s shooting at 50fps 720p, and the Sony NEX-FS700 capable of shooting 8 second bursts at 240fps / 1080p. A DSLR mounted to our Dedicam Octocopter will provide exceptional aerial photography.

The focus of GP is to work with young talented free riders that are over-skilled and under-exposed. These riders are stars at the grass roots level; role models, and community leaders in their own geographic location. We can expect a lot from them, with vast opportunity for growth.


The Longboarding movement is growing exponentially and still not close to its peak. There are countless new companies emerging, and technologies being developed. GP will portray the sport not just in the „Extreme Sport“ category, but in a well thought narrative, artistic and cultural way.

The goal is to build characters through authentic relationships built between the riders and videographers. Specific shooting blocks will separate and bring the group together to work with the individuals’ unique personality and style. As well, will highlight the skills of working together, and differences of each rider in a group dynamic.

Location – Secret

Our secret location is novel, exotic and ideal for skateboarding the winter away.


Actual Greener Pastures Offshore Location

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