Lost in the Carnival

Episode 5 “Lost in the Carnival”

Our impeccable crew built the foundation of great friendships, and gained riding confidence with each other despite vast differences in style. The last episode shows the riders in some of their best and worst moments including a friendly competition with a light of humility and immersing themselves in the craziness of the annual carnival. They share their overall experiences, and express that being part of a skateboard film such as this offers more to learn than expected.

Through a fast paced project such as Greener Pastures, it is difficult to fathom what was possible to create in three weeks. The hours spent and the impressive work ethic of the riders and production crew shows loud and clear. From technical difficulties, to injuries, to sleep deprivation, dangerous and scary moments, to gaining acceptance on this small island, we pushed through and we believe, something special was created for the world to enjoy.

Looking back to the “Switzerland” series, the sport has evolved considerably in contrast to the “Offshore” series. They each portray an exciting time ­capsule of where the sport was during that time.



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Featured Riders


  • Monki Valley – “Indian Summer”
  • All These Fallen Trees – “I Love Hawaii but it’s Miles Away”
  • Ezio Alejandro – “Chicharrero Carnaval de Tenerife”


  • Art Director – Zurich, Switzerland – Tamara Prader
  • Director – Madrid, Spain – Alberto Alepuz (Perro Pro)
  • Director of Photography – Geneva, Switzerland – Yvon Labarthe
  • Marketing Director – Guadalajara, Mexico – Claudio Uribe
  • Photographer – Barcelona, Spain – Agro, Adrian Rodriguez
  • Producer – Vancouver, Canada – Patrick Switzer
  • Production Assistants – Offshore – Martin Diaz, Marcos Costa






Production Crew


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