Adrián Garcia

Adrián Garcia

Adrián García (Agro)- Photographer


Agro was born in a small town in Catalonia surrounded by nice mountains on a perfect mediterranean climate. As a kid he spent most of his time drawing and watching National Geographic documentaries. By the age of 8 he already knew he wanted to be photographer, and as a teenager he moved to the French alps getting sucked in by the mountain and boardsports.

Since then, he has been ridding any kind of board he could, on snow or concrete. Not being a talented guy on a board and a “crash & learn” phylosophy gave him a good bunch of scars and his nickname. By the age of 20 he moved to Barcelona and started traveling around Spain and Europe looking for hills and races for the last 6 years. Now he moved to the island looking for sick hills to ride and gnar spots to shoot.






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