John Doy Tongco

John Doy Tongco

skate-greener-pastures-rider-dandoy-profile Skate-greener-pastures-offshore-riders-dandoy-tongco Name: John Rex “Dandoy” Tongco Home Town: Opon, Mactan, Cebu Philippines Stance: Sometimes Goofy Sometimes regular Invented Tricks: Siquijor Trick, Escrima and Lapunti One of the best downhill longboarders in the Philippines, John Rex “ Double D” Tongco has been a phenomenal longboarder over the past few years in the Philippines. Dandoy, (his popular nick name) started as a freestyle longboarder. He is the only one who can execute every trick and invent new trick adding up in his list using a Loaded Bhangra or cross stepping fluidly in his favorite “Tabla” Dancer by Driftwood. From creating new freestyle moves such as the “Siquijor Trick” to surfing a stoked set down south. He’s even skated in front of the President, to inaugurate the tallest bridge in the Philippines. Dandoy’s talent is a stand out; he’s the ultimate boardsports guy. Dandoy can ride a longboard and reach up to 80 km/hr, he can rip some big waves in his surfboard and he can catch waves in a beach break with a skimboard. A proud Cebuano, Dandoy Tongco was only 14 when he competed in his first freestyle longboarding event. Even then, he was the young gun to watch out for, started out as a radical skimboarder from Opon who eventually became a superstar in longboarding, this guy keeps his feet on the ground. He honed a lot of skills over the years. On a longboard, he manipulates and balances, the fact that the board is taller than him back then. His tricks have given him much respect, much more when you consider his age and size. Dandoy has dominated Philippine Longboarding scene and the Asian longboarding competitions in Singapore and Malaysia. He’s a constant podium placer, making him a downhill longboarding icon at the age of 19. Now Dandoy is officially sponsored by DC Shoes Philippines and an ambassador for a premiere website promoting boardsports in the Philippines and South East Asia.

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