Levi Green

Levi Green



Age: 19
Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA
Stance: Regular

Levi was born in Carmichael, CA and raised in the fairly uneventful city of Citrus Heights. With an upbringing involving a variety of team sports that never quite clicked for him, it was no surprise he took to the personal yet communal side of athletics. Extreme sports. Bouncing around many different board sports and their two-wheeled counterparts, he finally settled into downhill skateboarding during his final year of high school.

Aided by friends such as Nick Ronzani and the rest of the original “Sac Crew”, he began pushing himself in the sport to eventually put him into a position to travel the world. A few years, a dozen or so injuries, and many road trips later, Levi finds himself making his first trip overseas to join the Greener Pastures crew to set the pace for 2013!

Cheers to a new year and let’s all make the best of it! Who knew a plank on wheels could make for such a rad time?

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