Greener Pastures Offshore Episode 1 – The Island

This is “The Island”



It’s been a long wait and a lot of work, but the first episode of Greener Pastures is here, thanks for all your support and patience.

This is Greener Pastures Offshore Episode 1

Producing Greener Pastures Offshore has been an ambitious project for all involved. Working with leading companies in the longboard industry we’ve portrayed the sport not just in the “Extreme Sport” category, but in a narrative, artistic and cultural way.

It has been a long, but fortunate process of meeting the right people at the right times; people who share the vision of Longboarding as a sport, way of life and passion to create an amazing team. This is a project for longboarders by longboarders.

The location was picked for its dense skating opportunities, year round temperate weather, unique and diverse microclimates, high elevation and pristine road construction. The relaxed island life and welcoming local riders creates a Mecca for our sport! Playing off the island location, the project name “Offshore” has been used to provide subtle secrecy to our location. As spots become known, we must remember that respect of the locals is most important to protect the longevity of our sport.

The focus of GP Offshore has been to work with young, talented free riders that are highly skilled and under-exposed. These riders are stars at the grass roots level; role models, and community leaders in their own geographic location.  It is apparent some of these riders are out of the global spotlight because their location is out of the hub of skateboarding: America. Traveling internationally opens the eyes in many ways. Skateboarding transcends language, religion and culture. There is no shortage of skilled riders. We can expect a lot from our riders, as they have vast opportunity for growth.

 Greener Pastures Riders

At this point, our riders don’t need further introduction, we’re so lucky to have them in this project, different characters, different talents and a great group of incredible skaters………







Production Crew Greener-pastures-Offshore-crew

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